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About Konica

The company originated as a drugstore called Konishi-ya Rokubei Ten, operated by Sugiura Rokuemon V. His son Sugiura Rokusaburo entered the company and expanded its activities by selling photographic products beginning in 1873. Sugiura Rokusabur? took the name of Sugiura Rokuemon VI in 1879, and the company was subsequently renamed Honten Konishi Rokuemon, abridged as Konishi Honten. Early cameras were produced by artisan subcontractors, such as Hasegawa Toshinosuke. The company founded a manufacturing branch called Rokuoh-sha in 1902, and released the Cherry in 1903, the first Japanese camera to have a brand name. The factory of Hasegawa Toshinosuke became the wood workshop of Rokuoh-sha in 1906. Most of the camera production was still assumed by other subcontractors, many of which were merged into Rokuoh-sha in 1919.... from