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Below are some kind words I've received over the years.

Thank You for a website and Manual download that's not a bunch of hype like alot of others. I greatly appreciate your straight honesty !!! Thanks again . - Jim
Thank you so much for providing all of these manuals, it is so very helpful. - Beckydjd
Thanks for this incredible service. - Steve Pyper
Thanks-now I can get to grips with my "new" A1. - Terry
Superb is too weak a word. - Harish Lathia
These Cameras are no longer manufactured however are of such quality they are still in use today. This manual needs to be available for years to come before these cameras will ever wear out. - James Reynolds
got the camera from my grandpa and trying to shoot some pictures now - Andres Olsen
Thank you! Thank you! I found the manual to a Canon FTb...Now i can use the camera inherited from my brother. I can't wait. - newdeltguy44
This is great. My camera is over 25 yrs old, in great condition but has no manual. Some features were hard to understand. This is so helpful. Thanks. - Annieesgirl
Thank you, I'll be uploading some of my manuals shortly. - Ingrid Smith
Thanks so much! Bought the camera used with no manual and this helps tremendously. - Ken