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About Mamiya

Mamiya was founded in May 1940 as Mamiya K?ki Seisakusho (Mamiya Optical Works). It was based in Tokyo, Hongo[1], and its first camera was the Mamiya Six, a 6??6 folder with coupled rangefinder that was focused by moving the film plane. There were many versions in the Mamiya Six series, but it was the only Mamiya model for eight years.

Mamiya began to make its own Stamina shutters and Neocon lenses from 1947 in the Setagaya plant. In 1950, the Setagaya plant became the depending company Setagaya K.K, making the shutters and lenses. The name Sekor that appears on most Mamiya lenses comes from Setagaya, with r probably for renzu. Setagaya K?ki was again merged into Mamiya K?ki in 1963.... from