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About Sony

In the photo business Sony is one of the newer players. It entered the photography market in the age of digital photography. Having been active in the home video business since 1965, it started in the market more experienced with electronic cameras than some of the traditional camera makers. Its first Mavica digital consumer camera was a spectacular item since its image memory was an inbuilt floppy disk drive.

Sony relies very much on the German optics designer Carl Zeiss. It was June 6th 2006 when it released the first of its DSLR cameras for Minolta's Alpha mount lenses, the Sony Alpha SLRs. This camera succeeded Konica Minolta's digital SLR series Alpha/Maxxum/Dynax and surpassed the predecessors concerning reliability. In autumn 2007 a new model, the DSLR-A700, was introduced in Italy. In 2008 the company offered DSLRs for beginners (Alpha 200) as well as for advanced to professional photographers (Alpha 900). The Alpha 900 has an image sensor with 35.9??24mm frame format (equivalent to 35mm film format), making it interesting to use it with the finest old Minolta A-mount lenses. Nevertheless some new Sony- and Zeiss lenses are available for the system. ... from