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About Voigtlander

Despite of the successful early metal camera designed by Voigtlander lenses were the companies main contribution to early photography in the 19th century. And the success of Voigtlanders camera lines of the 20th century was based on the quality of its lenses. At the turn from the one to the other century Voigtlander had a branch office in New York, Voigtlander & Son Optical Co. . It advertised Voigtlander lenses like the Dynar for usage with the better Kodak cameras.

The beginning was made with the Petzval lens which became a timeless standard lens for portrait photography. It is Voigtlander's great lens design of the companies days in Austria. Many cameras of renowned or unknown makers were equipped with Voigtlander lenses, mainly with the fast Petzval lens since portrait cameras were the butter-and-bread tools of the photographers. The lens had four elements, divided in two groups. The two front elements were glued together, the two back elements just placed close to each other. The lens had a characteristic vignetting and curvature of field, but it made images which were very sharp in the centre.... from